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Year 6 Tuck Shop

Year 6 started their tuck shop with great success

Year 6 started their tuck shop venture last week and it will be opening again on Thursday 13th October. After the first session, we discovered together lots of talking points and problems to consider. These ranged from whether the shop should be open to the whole school or just KS2, if the tuck shop should include healthy items, profit margins and deficit, perishable goods and errors in stock taking and counting up the takings. There were some incredibly mature and persuasive arguments generated and Rowan class have decided to trial the tuck shop with the whole school. They will generate a 'shopping list' for Oak class and will visit them in the morning to take their order and then they will deliver it. Willow, Silver Birch and Rowan class members will be allowed to spend no more than £1 and will only be able to but one item from the 'treat' table and others from the 'healthy' table. Children do not need to buy anything from the tuck shop if they do not want to.